Joseph Clay


Press Biography

Joseph Edward Clay is an American born Author, Blogger and Entrepreneur. 

Joseph  was born in Newnan, the county seat of Coweta County, state of Georgia  on April 28, 1960. Newnan is a small town south of Atlanta. Joseph is  the second son of John Tillman Clay and Virginia Imajo Coalson Clay. 

Joseph  didn’t begin his professional career as an author but as a Mechanical  Engineer. Joseph didn’t began dabbling in writing till the age of 49  with a blog titled Am I the only one not insane; Mind over matter – My mind is the only one that matters. To date Joseph has written and/or contributed over 200 professional and personal writings for blogs.

After retiring from Engineering in 2013 at the age of 53 Joseph penned his first novel, Demons of the Jungle. The tale was self-published in eBook format in May of that year. He followed that book with Witch’s Dilemma, which was self-published in October of 2016.

The blog ‘Numbers to Words: My Journey from Engineering to Writing’ explains why Joseph decided to change careers at 49.

Joseph  lives in prestigious East Nashville with his significant other and his  youngest son. They are regular volunteers/contributors to several  non-profits in the Nashville area.