Joseph E Clay Dot Com is under Construction.

Welcome to Joseph E Clay Dot Com.

Welcome to Joseph E Clay Dot Com.

Welcome to Joseph E Clay Dot Com.Welcome to Joseph E Clay Dot Com.Welcome to Joseph E Clay Dot Com.

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About Us

Serving the Independent Artist Community Since 2013.

Joseph E Clay Dot Com was founded in 2013 by Joseph Clay an Author/Blogger/Entrepreneur. The company was formed to manage Joseph's website, book publishing and bookstore. From there we grew and began serving other Independent Authors/Writers. At this time we are the parent company of six companies/divisions. 

These companies and their blogs, where applicable, are featured below. The company/divisions logos are linked to their individual websites. 

ThunderHorse Publishing, The Corral and Joseph E Clay Dot Com - Podcast were designed to give the Independent Author/Photographer/Musician and Artist a Voice and Platform to be heard and seen!

Joseph E Clay Dot Com's Subsidiaries

The Divisions of Joseph E Clay Dot Com in Less Than a Minute

Of course for the particulars you will need to keep scrolling once done. Now it will take 2 minutes. For part 2 visit the Multimedia Page

ThunderHorse Publishing


Founded - 2017

ThunderHorse Publishing was designed by an independent author for the independent author. THP offers book cover design, formatting and dedicated web pages for authors and other independents. We are in the process of adding more services in the future.

ThunderHorse Publishing offers writing and publishing tips and more through our blog. We also post a visual writing prompt once a moth on our Facebook and Twitter page. 

ThunderHorse Publishing also conducts interviews and book reviews. We also have a Spotlight feature that focuses on an independent. Head on over and see what we can do for you.

Social Media: Facebook Twitter 

The Corral


Founded - 2019

The Corral is an online magazine (limited print in certain areas) and a division of ThunderHorse Publishing. The magazine is published four times a year and is free to all readers. The Corral showcases the talents of the independent artist using the following features.

Independent Spotlight - This feature will showcase an independent author/photographer/musician/artist.

Q and A - This section will feature interviews of the independent author/photographer/musician/artist.

Book Review’s by Christy - This feature will showcase a book written by an independent author. 

Books from the Barn - The Corral will chose three books written by independent authors to showcase.

Stories from the Stables - A Short Story written by one of the Corral Staff Writers will appear here.

Contest Winner - The winner of the Visual Writing Prompt Contest will be featured in this section. 

Songs from the Silo - The Corral will chose three albums or songs by independent musicians to showcase.

Pics for the Pages - The Corral will choose three pics from independent photographers to showcase through out the magazine.   

The Corral is always looking for writing submissions and contest entries. 

Social Media - Facebook Twitter

Joseph E. Clay Dot Com - Podcast


Founded 2020

The Podcast is our latest adventure. Like The Corral online magazine it was designed to spread the word and showcase the talents of Independent Authors. Here is the description of the show.

Book Reviews and Interviews with a dab of writing wisdom tossed in. The hosts of Spotlighting the Indie Author, Nina Turnipseed and Joseph Clay will focus the spotlight on Indie Authors. 99% of the interviews will be of Indie Authors, the 1% is for special guest that may join us. During an interview one of the host or both will ask an off the wall question that leaves the interviewee shaking their head.

The book reviews will be split 80% Indie Author, 20% main stream authors. Every review will be honest and when needed brutal. Along with the review Nina and Joseph will award 1 to 5 stars to the book. During the review the hosts will cover what can be learned from the author of the book. These bits of wisdom will help Indie Authors become better writers by learning a new technique and/or avoiding mistakes. 

At this time new shows will be posted bi-weekly.

Spotlighting the Indie Author is a Joseph E Clay Dot Com Podcast. Joseph E Clay Dot Com is the parent company of ThunderHorse Publishing and The Corral, an online magazine. The Corral was designed to showcase the writings of the Indie Author.

The Multimedia Page contains the latest Podcast.

Follow us on the following Podcast Sites.

Fireside (Hosting Site)


Pocket Casts








Founded - 2013

The official website of Joseph Clay Author/Blogger. The Website  contains the following information. 

Joe's Bookstore - Joseph sells his books (Print and eBooks) along with other independent authors.

The Author - Author Information. 

Author's Media Kit  - Contains an electronic and downloadable Media Kit for the press.

Future Releases (WIP) - Joseph showcases his upcoming releases.

The Library - List all of Joseph's books, arranged by title.

Multimedia - Book trailer videos and photographs.

Calendar - Showing Joseph's personal appearances.  

Press Releases/News - Keeping the readers informed.

Monthly Newsletter Signup - Keeping the readers informed via email.

Contact Form: Used to contact Joseph

Social Media Links: Facebook - Twitter

Joe's Bookstore


Founded 2013

Joe's Bookstore is contained within Joseph's official website. The bookstores sells all of Joseph Clay's Works, in print and eBook format. Besides at a book signing Joseph is attending the website is the only place to get an autographed copy of his books

Joe's Bookstore will also be the outlet tfor books written by ThunderHorse Publishing Authors.  

JT's Place


Founded 1994

Joseph has been in the retail business for over 25 years. Visit the website to read the history.

JT's Place at this time is making the switch from a physical location to eCommerce site. The transition is scheduled to be completed by the end of the second quarter of 2020.

JT's place will be a category within Joe's Bookstore. 

The online store will sell Collectibles, Games and Jewelry. The More is where it gets fun. We buy closeouts and/or seconds in large quantities. Thees closeout are from major and discounts retailers. We also carry a variety of novelties and games for the child and the adult.

The Online Store 

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